Buddhists breakfast

Our last morning in Japan. Here’s the morning view from our hotel room. Spectacular.

Breakfast was included in our stay. Amazing.

Lovely hotel. Wish we had more time here. But, alas, it was time to go.

Bye bye Narita (photos taken from the taxi window)

Then, before we knew we were on a plane.

Dinner and 5 hour layover in Singapore. (Note: this was too long to hang around an airport for. And we struggled to not fall asleep whilst sitting in some chairs watching really boring news on a TV near a food hall)

We did, however find a Butterfly garden.

Chocolates and peppermint tea. Must.not.fall.asleep.and.miss.flight.

Year of the pig display.

And then we were home. Here’s some goodies I brought back. Oishii!!!!!!!

See you again (hopefully) soon, Japan!

Eel-y good

Good bye Nozawa. But first, one last breakfast!

Very snowy this morning as we left.

Got on the Shinkansen bound for Tokyo.

Brief stop at Tokyo station before catching the NEX to Narita. Snacks on the train.

Then caught the local train back to Narita city and checked in to our hotel.

This is the view from our hotel. Quite special.

Went out for a bit of a look around the town and to check out the very amazing Temple and surrounds.

After checking out the temple, we went to have a quite look at some of the nearby shops. The street had been closed to traffic all day, but things were just starting to close up and the cars were being let through again.

Whilst we were in one shop (possibly buying some cute socks), it began to snow quite gently. We walked out in to it and before we knew it, it was snowing quite a lot and had got very cold.

We wandered up the street a bit anyway because this is our only time in Narita and, well we wanted to see it! The snow made it quite magical, but it was getting a little too chilly for us.

So we headed back to our hotel which was luckily quite nearby. Here’s Blainie in her Yukata pretending to have some tea.

We had booked to have dinner at our hotel – when I say hotel, I actual mean Ryokan – trad Japanese hotel. Dinner was great and featured lots of food including the local specialty of eel.

After dinner, it’s back to our room to pack our suitcases and get ready for our flight home tomorrow.