Buddhists breakfast

Our last morning in Japan. Here’s the morning view from our hotel room. Spectacular.

Breakfast was included in our stay. Amazing.

Lovely hotel. Wish we had more time here. But, alas, it was time to go.

Bye bye Narita (photos taken from the taxi window)

Then, before we knew we were on a plane.

Dinner and 5 hour layover in Singapore. (Note: this was too long to hang around an airport for. And we struggled to not fall asleep whilst sitting in some chairs watching really boring news on a TV near a food hall)

We did, however find a Butterfly garden.

Chocolates and peppermint tea. Must.not.fall.asleep.and.miss.flight.

Year of the pig display.

And then we were home. Here’s some goodies I brought back. Oishii!!!!!!!

See you again (hopefully) soon, Japan!

Travelling to Nozawa

Today was mostly a transit day. We packed up and left Kimi Ryokan and headed for the train. 

The new Shinkansen takes us all the way to Iiyama. Then it’s just a short bus trip to Nozawa. In the past we only could go as far as Nagano, and it was a much longer bus trip to take us to Nozawa. We were getting a bit worried because we couldn’t see much snow.

When we got to Nozawa, it looked like a different place. We are used to the whole village being covered in snow, but there was none. It looks so different. We have been assured, however, that there is more than enough snow up the mountain. We will see if this is true tomorrow.

We went to our favourite onsen Furasato No Yu, then got fitted for our ski/snow board boots, then soba noodles for dinner. Blainie had a very large beer with a very little glass.