Better than Nikko

We visited Yanaka today. The sun was shining and it was a lovely warm day. Last time we were in Yanaka it was freezing. We were so cold a lady on the street gave us free hot chestnuts to warm us up. We wandered around a bit, and we a bit disappointed to find most of the little galleries closed because it’s Monday, and that’s when galleries are closed apparently. Never mind, our favourite cafe Kayaba was open and not crazy busy so we went in for lunch. We even managed to get a spot upstairs. 

Then we wandered to the Ye olde shopping street and looked at things. It’s a popular place for cats to gather, but alas, there were no cats present today. Yanaka is a bit bonkers for cats. Luckily Blainie was wearing her cat cardigan so she fit right in.

Then we headed for Nezu Shrine. We had never been there before, but decided to go because we keep seeing on NHK. We thought it would be just small, but we we pleasantly surprised to find it was big and really quite cool. And there was an Azalea Flower festival on – which was pretty amazing.


Then we headed for Ueno, and walked through Ueno park. We hadn’t been to parts of the park since our first trip in 2005, so that was a bit weird. They seem to be doing a lot of work and sprucing things up a bit. We saw a cat in a tree.

It got cold and rainy in the evening, we had Dinner at a Yakitori place in Ueno and then headed home. Not before picking up some cute donuts first though.