Capitol city, skyline photo

Our last day in Nashville today. We got up early, and after breakfast at the hotel, we headed towards Third Man Records, which was on our list of must do’s in Nashville. We decided to walk there, because that’s what we do (it actually wasn’t that far), and we kind of half expected it to be a bit lame or just a square room of a few records that you walk in to then leave again after about 3 minutes. Boy, were we wrong. It was the most awesome record shop ever. It had interactive things, loads of cool records that had been recorded live in the studio next door, a booth where you could listen to records and it was just really, really cool.

Here’s Blainie playing with a guitar and a fuzz pedal.

A monkey band.

And other cool things.

We spent quite a bit of time and money in there. 

Then it was on to Barista Parlour for a coffee and light lunch. Great little cafe.

A quick beer flight at Jackalope Brewery.

A visit to Carters Vintage Guitars where Blainie wanted to buy everything.

Here she is (carefully) playing a guitar that once belonged to Steve Earle.

Checked out a cool vintage shop.

Then it rained heavily. We took shelter in an icecream shop.

For dinner, we couldn’t resist going back to Martins BBQ. Though when we got there, the queue was very, very long. Out the door and down the street. We decided to stick it out and wait. It moved pretty quickly and before we knew it, we were eating delicious BBQ (again). The brisket is THE BEST.

Then a quite wander over the bridges to look at the skyline one more time. Thanks for an awesome time, Nashville. We will miss you, hope to see you again sometime.

Far, far away from the city lights


Enjoyed the hotels buffet breakfast this morning. There was a slight incident of some bacon being dropped on the floor (we won’t mention who was responsible for this) but other than that nothing unusual to report.

Then we walked to the Farmers Markets and looked at all the amazing looking produce. We had just missed the corn shucking.

It’d very hot and very humid in Nashville at the moment. Don’t get us wrong, we do like the heat, but one must remember to drink lots of cool beverages. We got some delicious drinks from a van. Strawberry & watermelon lemonade and a cherry soda (both house made) 

Then we headed off in search of Antique Archeology – the Nashville store as seen on American Pickers. It was a bit of a hike to get there, and in hindsight we should’ve caught a cab, but it wouldn’t be a Steve & Blainie holiday if we weren’t walking up some highway somewhere in the blistering heat/freezing cold wondering if we are ever going to get there or if we are even going to the right place.

Well, we did find it, but it seems everyone else in the world did too. There was a long queue out front just to get in to the store. We’d come so far, so we had to wait. 

The line actually moved quite quick and before we knew it we were in. Probably a bit more of a museum than a shop (although most things were for sale) but it was really cool to see some of the things we have seen on the show.

Here is Rick Nielsen’s (From Cheap Trick) guitar and Jacket. Cool.

Some other highlights.

We had a bit of a look around the area after leaving Antique Archeology, then worked out how to use Uber and caught an Uber back to downtown. Best decision of the holiday thus far.

Lunch was at Jacks BBQ on Broadway. Yes, more BBQ, but how can we resist? Just walking past the place, it smelt so good.

After lunch it was on to the Counrty Music Hall of Fame museum. The place was huge. Took us quite a while to get through it. So much to see and read about and learn. Great museum. Go there if you are ever in town.

Our highlight was seeing Gram Parsons Nudie Suit. Amazing.

Loads of other cool things too.

We were a bit tired after the museum so decided to head back to the hotel for a quick rest. 

Got side tracked with delicious icecream.

For dinner we headed back to our new favourite place in the world, Pinewood Social. We sat up at the bar and had some drinks and dinner. 

On the way back to our hotel we wandered up Broadway and decided that we probably should stop in for a whisky at Nudies Honky Tonk (which has the longest bar in Nashville) we made some new friends (again) 

When it’s hot in the poor places and tonight

We bid adieu to Chicago today. And after nearly missing our flight from Boston to Chicago, we made sure we got to the airport nice and early this time around. Of course the airport wasn’t at all busy and we were checked in and through security in a matter of minutes. Then we had like three hours to kill at the airport. We ate hotdogs.

We finally got on a plane bound for Nashville. The plane ride was bumpy, but only took about one hour, so before we knew it, we were in music city, Nashville.

Checked in to our hotel, we didn’t waste any time getting to the nearest BBQ place. We had a whole lot of BBQ meat and yes it was divine. 

Martins BBQ joint was the name of the place and we liked it a lot. Upstairs they had a bar and we chilled there for a while in the hot, hot, hot Nashville heat. We like the heat. But yes it is hot here.


Then we moved on to the Pinewood Social, a place we were keen to check out. It did not disappoint. We had some delicious cocktails and chatted to a fellow Australian. There is also a bowling alley in Pinewood. Hipsters. 

It was such a lovely warm evening so we went for a wander over the big bridge in the city that probably has a name but I don’t know what it is. Nashville was looking lovely.

Then we thought we had better check out Broadway. It was busy and a bit messy but still fun. We stopped in at one of the many, many bars and had some whisky and listened to the band play Blister in the Sun and Holiday Road.

Then Blainie bought some boots.

We like Nashville.