Welcome to owl town

It’s Sakura season right now in Japan. We are just a little too early for it to be really taking hold. However, the blossoms open earlier in some places. Like Rikuguen Gardens — which has this very famous weeping cherry tree. It’s in full bloom, so lots of people are out to see it.   

Then it was ramen time. Like hammer time, but with thicker broth.

Full from ramen. Gotta chill. Guess it’s time to go to Mocha cat cafe. Some chilled cats.

But they do get a bit excited when they get hand fed, as do the patrons.

Then, the sun goes down and the lights come on at Rikuguen garden. Nighttime cherry blossom viewing! Let’s go!

Not a bad effort for our first day in Tokyo.



So off we went bound for Tokyo via Hong Kong. We left Perth on the (almost) midnight flight to Hong Kong. The plan was to sleep on the plane. This didn’t really eventuate. Steve managed a bit of sleep, but Blainie maybe got 20 minutes, max. It was incredibly freezing on the plane which didn’t help. So when we landed in Hong Kong around 7:30am, with an 8 hour wait until our next flight, we decided that the only possible sensible thing to do was to catch the Metro into the city. We caught the train to Central because that’s as far as it went, and went and hung out at the IFC mall. Problem was, it was so early that none of the shops were open yet.we had a wander around and looked out over Hong Kong. Pretty cold in HK, not something we were expecting. I think we thought it was always hot there. 

We were starving so we had some toasted sandwiches and coffees at a cafe. And looked at the construction out the window.

Then we decided we were a little tired. So it was decided we should head back to the airport. Back at the airport we dozed on uncomfortable seats until it was time to catch our flight. The JAL flight to Tokyo was less freezing which was nice, and only 3 hours and we got delicious food.

We landed at Haneda Airport (a first for us, we usually fly in to Narita). Got on a train, then fought the crowds at a ikebukuro station, and navigated the streets until we found Kimi Ryokan, our home for the next couple of days.

It’s good to be home.