Kanazawa, why you be so rainy?

After yesterday’s warm 23 degree day, we awoke this morning to discover a cold, rainy day with a top of 14 degrees. Never mind, we thought, we will just go to the Museum of Modern Art, because we really wanted to go there and a rainy day is the perfect opportunity. Oh? It’s not open on Mondays…never mind we will just go to the DT Suzuki Museum, because we want to go there too. Oh? It’s also not open on Mondays? Oh….ummmm….well…lets just go to a department store and look at all the nice food.

And Cat Books.

After all that looking in shops it was time for lunch. We decided to head back to the Omi-cho Markets for mo seafood delciousness. We couldn’t resist the lure of a giant oyster. We went for the middle sized one, but there were even larger ones. They are shucked and served to you right there and you just stand at the stall and scarf them down. So good.

Then we had some scallop sashimi. Also amazingly fresh and delicious.

We eventually decided on a place for lunch, after a short wait in line, we were in and ordering. Steve got the Ikura and Uni, Blainie got Ikura, Uni and Kani(crab). So. Freaking. Good.

Then we walked in the rain to look at a nearby shrine – Oyama Jinja. It had a lovely garden and although it was cold and raining quite a bit we couldn’t resist wandering around it.

Then we caught the bus to the Higashi Kazue Machi Chaya District. It was still raining and cold, but we thought we could manage a bit of a look around. After getting off the bus and before we even got to the area, we found a cool shop/gallery of arty crafty things made by local artists. It was a really cool shop. Blainie bought a cute rabbit ceramic badge. And two cups and a plate it the bargain corner for 30 yen. (About 30 cents). They had a cafe in the building as well so we had a sit down and a Blueberry smoothie made with rice Koji. 

Then a wander around the tea house district. We saw lots of other cold tourists.

Dinner time, and we decided on getting take away bento from the department store at the train station. We both got special Sakura bento. The boxes were so nice, it’s hard not to keep all the packaging. 


Sea the food

Today we had to say farewell to Nozawa Onsen and Lodge Shinazawa. This was a bit sad for us, but at least we got to enjoy one last delicious breakfast.

And then we headed towards Kanazawa. Kanazawa is on the west coast of Japan, we have never been anywhere around there before. When we got in to the train station it was crazy busy. We went and dropped our bags off at our accomodation and then headed out for lunch. The weather was really quite warm today – 23 degrees! 

We made our way to Omicho Market in search for food and were greeted by all manner of oceanic treats. Apparently Kanazawa is famous for sashimi and fresh seafood. 

There were many sushi and sashimi shops in the market, most with larger queues of customers out the front. We chose the one with the best looking Ikura (salmon roe) and joined the queue.

Blainie got Ikura and Uni (sea urchin). Steve got Ikura and salmon. Delicious.

Then we wandered up to Kanazawa Castle where we found all the Sakura and all the people. 

Then back to check in to our accomodation properly. Then off again to have another look around Kanazawa station. Our plans for buying a Hanami bento and eating it in the park were foiled when it suddenly began to rain. So we had dinner at the train station at an Oden place. Oden – things simmered in liquid. We ordered off the Japanese menu (no English available) and we did alright. 

The we went to Kenroku-en Garden to see the Sakura lit up at night. Here are some photos.