Rainy day donuts

Cold and rainy start to the morning. Perfect mood for going to the A-bomb dome and the peace park. The scaffolding is on the dome, because every now and then it needs work done to it to preserve it exactly in the state it was on the day the bomb dropped. This building was 80 metres from the centre of the explosion. The park built around it is beautiful, and really peaceful. The paper cranes are attached to a memorial in the park. Google ‘paper cranes peace Hiroshima’ for more info if you would like. We also went to the Peace Memorial Museum.




Then this really funny thing happened; we were looking for our arvo coffee stop, when there was all this excitement and goings on in front of a ‘Mister Donut’ shop. We have been frequenting Mister Donut for ten years now, and find it a handy place to get a decent coffee and a donut, for a quick pick me up. So we decided to go in.

Before we made it through the door, we were stopped by staff with clipboards, explaining to us, as best we could understand, that we needed to write some comments about a new hybrid donut, and have our photo taken. We said; ‘Sure’ and went inside.

We were surprised after ordering, that there was no exchange of money, and we were ushered to our seats where we enjoyed our snackables. Then we wrote our comments on big bits of paper, and had our photos taken for the mister donut facebook page.




Hiroshima — a journey to new territories

For those of you just joining us, we have had christmas in Tokyo, New Years in Kyoto, and today we travelled to a brand new place for us. The second shot is a view from the Shinkansen leaving Kyoto.



After wandering around downtown a bit, we liked the look of this place. Steve was happy, because it was like he was the BBQ master. Also, finally worked out how to order a scotch and coke. It is called a ‘whiskey highball black’. There’s a tip for ya.