Shopping and temples — together at last

In this first photo, please spot Blainie. You may need to click on it to enlarge.



This is a lucky bag (fukubukuro) and most shops offer one of these at New Years. Prices vary from 10 dollars, up in to the hundreds. Blainie found the Hello Kitty one. Was it worth it? Stay tuned to the end of the post.


Compare this photo to one taken from the same spot the other day.


Then made it up to Kiyomizudera. Again, we weren’t planning on going here again, but opportunities to see it covered in snow are rare. Lots of people (including Blainie) made snowmen (Yuki daruma).



Al fresco seating anyone?


Then traditional Kyoto sweets at a green tea place. It was good.



Things were winding down three days into the new year at the food stalls around the temples, but still time for a last takoyaki.


And yes, the answer to the above question is that it was worth it.


The Streets of Kyoto

Today we set off to wander around Kyoto with a plan to explore new areas we had never been to before and revisit some old faves.
Firstly we checked out a temple Nishi Hongwari -which is within metres of our accomodation. We were surprised we had never seen it before. It was rather impressive.




Next we went to see Sanjusangendo temple. The temple of 1000 images of Buddha. We have no photos of the inside of this temple. There were very strict warnings that your camera would be seized if you were seen taking photos. We decided that you would probably go to a very special kind of hell for taking photos in there anyway. But, it was really awesome. You should visit it some time.
After that we wandered up the windy streets towards Kiyomizudera area. We had some delicious lunch at a soba restaurant.




And Blainie bought a tanuki.


And then we stumbled across a brand new Hello Kitty cafe! And it wasn’t even busy! We had to go in. We had matcha lattes and Kyoto sweets. And Kitty Chan sat with us 🙂





Then we went next door to the Studio Ghibli shop.



And then it was time for ramen dinner. Eating ramen is hard work, so you need to cool yourself down with this special meat fan.