Sweet time

Apologies for all the food related posts in a row, but it was one of those days.

We chose the ‘Absolu’. It was great. We had to walk this home for about ten minutes, so they taped a little ice-pack into the box it came in. Not only that – but the base it came in was taped to the box, and the dessert itself was affixed to the base with a small dab of chocolat – so that when we opened it when we came back to the room, it was in perfect condition.

Desserts for the gluten tolerant

We hope you can see that the dog on top of the half a loaf of bread dessert is made of bananas. And what could say ‘happy birthday’ more than half a loaf of bread topped with fruit, ice-cream, cream and cookies?

Please note that these are plastic display foods only. Rest assured that the real thing would look exactly like this.