Tokyo to Kyoto: some things we ate

Today we left the big smoke bound for Kyoto. Although we knew the Shinkansen would be busy, we didn’t realise just quite how busy. After lining up to book our train tickets we were informed that there were no more reserved seats for the day and we would have to just take our chances with the unreserved seats. After looking around at the thousands and thousands of people around the station, we panicked a tad and hightailed it to the platform to line up with everyone to fight for a seat. In the end, we got the train easily and even got a a row of 3 seats to ourselves for a large portion of the trip. Problem was, in all the panic we didn’t have time to buy ourselves some eki ben lunches. So after about an hour or so we started to get hungry. Luckily we had a vast supply of snackables with us.
Part 1: Some things we ate on the train
White chocolate cream cheese Kit Kat from the special Kit Kat shop in Ikebukuro.




Matcha biscuit things from Yokohama.




Wasabi crackers from Shizuoka (good!)


Orange cocktail kit Kat from the same place as the other ones


Part 2: Some things we ate when we got off the train
We were starving when we got to Kyoto so we bought some things at the station and headed to our accomodation. After checking in, we ate our late lunch.
Buta man (pork buns) from Horai 515. The best.


Pork Katsu sandwiches. Finally!



Mini chirashi sushi set


Part 3: Some things we ate at the train station
In the afternoon/evening we had a bit of a wander around Kyoto, did a bit of shopping etc then it was dinner time. Several paces we looked at for dinner were already full, so we headed to the trusty a Kyoto Station complex to find some dinner. We decided on tonkatsu.




Too much food

Today we went to have lunch at the Hyatt Regency hotel. They have a super lunch buffet and we were promised crabs legs and all the ikura you can eat. We weren’t disappointed. The food was of a very high standard and the crabs legs were delicious. But…so..much…food….







Oh before we went for lunch, we went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building which has a free viewing tower. It was a clear day and we could even see Mt Fuji off in the distance.




After lunch, we tried to walk off all the food we ate by going for a stroll around Shinjuku Gardens.





We had planned to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening in Shinjuku, but we suddenly became very tired and got a little over the crazy, crazy busy-ness of Shinjuku (it really is insane) so we got on the train and headed towards home. We had a bit of a wander around Ueno before catching the subway back to Minowa and picking up some dinner things from the local supermarket.

Off to Kyoto tomorrow!

Mitte, Mitte! Yuki!

Look, look, it’s snow! Even though this is only seen flying past us briefly from the bullet train, it is still pretty exciting. Blainie has never seen that much snow up close in her life. Stephen has – but not for a long time – and definitely not on such low-lying flat terrain. Looks like it is Winter up here in the Northern Hemisphere.

First eki-ben

And here you have it – the first photo of a train station lunch box. We don’t mean to go on about it – but these things are the best. Little bit of everything in this one. So, yes, the start of the trip has been pretty food focused. Will that change?  Only time will tell.

The start of something…

We have always enjoyed the variety of Japanese confectionery – and Kit Kat have an extensive range of flavours. The one in the front is some kind of Japanese dessert flavour, whilst the one in the back is milk-coffee covered in sakura flavoured chocolate. We really hope to be able to bring you the ongoing saga of Kit Kat flavours during the entire trip. Please to be staying tuned…