The end is nigh

Time to leave Füssen. Not before a delicious breakfast though.

We were heading to our last destination today – Erding. Erding is just out of Munich, closer to the airport, thus more convenient. Plus, it looked like a cute little town. We headed off, and found ourselves over the border back in Austria for a while. Firstly we lake Lake Plansee, which looked stunning with beautiful crystal clear green water. You could see right to the bottom of the lake.

There was a cool looking single cloud above the mountains.

Then we drove through some golden Autumn foliage to Linderhof castle where we had a quick look around.

Nice little castle and grounds. We didn’t go inside though as we didn’t really have time. We headed off and after a quick stop at a dairy for a yogurt (we couldn’t really buy any cheese unfortunately but it looked so good)

We soon found ourselves on the German Autobahn. We didn’t drive over 130km (which is actually what the speed limit is) but man, so cars sped past us in the fast lane going at about 250+. Pretty crazy, but still everyone is really courteous and driving on Perth roads is actually worse. Also the trucks have to stay in the slow lane. We made it to a small town called Wolfratshausen and decided to stop for lunch. We found a cute little cafe where we had homemade Zucchini cream soup and a coffee. Delish!

A bit more Autobahn driving…

Before arriving in Erding. We had the afternoon and evening to explore the town. And get icecream.

Cute little town.

For dinner we went to a traditional Bavarian restaurant and had schnitzel and zweiblrostbraten. Very friendly owners here.

Steve and Blainie vs Wild

Today, despite the continuing rubbish weather, we decided we had to go see the Black Forest. We had, after all, come all this way.

We caught the cable car up the mountain. We couldn’t see anything because it was so foggy. But we’ve heard it’s quite spectacular. At the top of the mountain it was actually surprisingly warm and the sun was even shining a bit.


We tried to see France from the top of a tower on a mountain, but no luck.


We did see these crazy ass big windmills though poking through the clouds. They are massive, and kind of scary.


Then we foolishly decided to walk to a nearby theme park – a 90 minute walk apparently. Well, we walked for 90 minutes and we couldn’t find the freaking place. Eventually giving in, we had to retrace our steps – most of which was uphill.





Thankfully, we didn’t die in the wilderness and they were still selling beer when we got back. Thoroughly enjoyed that beer.



Sweating with the oldies

Today we headed down to the Farmers Market and stocked up on cheese, meats and some other tasty things.




We ate the purchased food for lunch back in our apartment. It was divine.



Then we caught a couple of trams and a bus to some Thermal Spring baths. No photos of the inside sadly. The outside baths were particularly good.



Then, when we got home, We cooked up some pasta for dinner.



Die Eisbären sind schön

On the day we left Berlin for Munich, we saw the former East German zoo from the train window, and we started regretting our decision not to visit. To make up for it, we visited zoo number three. Munich zoo. Blainie didn’t bring her new rollerblades, which was lucky, as they are verboten;


You can get quite close to the animals. Here are the goats;




And Bunnehs;


The monkeys were a highlight, as always;




All the other animals were great, and quite a few of them we have never seen before, but let’s face it, everyone was here to see two animals only. The two polar bears, in their relatively new enclosure. Cries of ‘eis bär’ could be heard on approach from all around, and they didn’t disappoint. The younger of the two was playing and jumping around the whole time we were there. I haz a barrel.








For dinner, the usual. Beer, wine, sauerbraten, Schweinsbraten and knödels, at another good brew house. Look at the local guy in the background giving Steve the stink eye.


As soon as we walked in to the place, Blainie noticed that they had a little dragon mascot. She needed to have one. The waiter was nice enough to give us one gratis. Look at the pure joy here.


By the way, the black area on that photo is because the lens cover is kaput from too many awesome photos. Then it was off to the fruhlingsfest for the very last time, and one more new experience. It is probably a little hard to tell, but we are drinking ice cold Jägermeister on a carousel bar. That’s right, the bar spins around whilst you drink on it. What could possibly be wrong with that?



River Surfing? WTF?

Today we set off to see the Englischer Garten. It’s apparently the biggest garden in the world or something like that anyway. When we got there (finally) we discovered that it was indeed incredibly large and would take the best part of the day to explore. This would mean missing out on going to the food market in the city that we had also planned for the day. Food missions generally win and today was no exception, so we headed out of the park and to the market, with the plan to come back to the garden later in the day.

The markets in Munich are fab, and are on everyday except Sunday. We can’t really quite ever remember what they are actually called, so lets just call them the “Virtual Market”.

When we got there, we snacked on a Leberkase roll. Divine.


Then we bought some cheeses and bread and took them to the Wine Bar, where we had some delicious wine, and ate our cheese and bread.






After our cheese and wine, we had cake. The strawberry brownie was pretty much the best tasting cake ever.


Then we went up the clock tower. We had to walk. There were lots of steps.



Then we decided to head back to the Englischer Garten. Besides some weird guy sitting in a park sharpening rocks we made it there without incident.


Unfortunately, just as we got there, it started to rain quite heavily. And thunder. We had to take shelter at the back of a museum. We noticed there was a little cafe/bar inside and decided to see out the now hail storm with a cup of coffee.


The storm passed, but we were enjoying our time sitting up at the bar watching the incredibly skilled bar tenders make amazing cocktails for everyone. So we had a whiskey. Then a mojito.




We eventually decided we had better leave. Gave up on going to the park by this stage (already nearly dark by this stage). On our way to train station, we saw surfers – yes, surfers, SURFING IN THE RIVER!! Crazy. We watched them for a good while.



We went off to try to get some dinner. Problem was there had been a soccer match on and everything was crazy busy. Nowhere would have us. Eventually, around 10pm we found a place near our hotel that gave us a table. We ate dinner at about 1030pm, it was thoroughly enjoyed by our now starving selves.



One Large Delicious Beer Plz

Today we set off to see the sights of Munich. We quickly realised that the people of Munich like to drink beer.

We went to the Hofbrauhaus for dinner. It was really busy and full of tourists, but fun anyway. We ate a knuckle of pork and Blainie had 1 litre of beer. We also had some schnapps.







For some crazy reason, later in the evening we got hungry again. So on the way home we stopped in at the Frühlings Festival again for a snack. Bismarck Herring in a bread roll & chips with mayonnaise. Why hasn’t anyone told us about chips and mayonnaise before? A taste sensation.