The end is nigh

Time to leave Füssen. Not before a delicious breakfast though.

We were heading to our last destination today – Erding. Erding is just out of Munich, closer to the airport, thus more convenient. Plus, it looked like a cute little town. We headed off, and found ourselves over the border back in Austria for a while. Firstly we lake Lake Plansee, which looked stunning with beautiful crystal clear green water. You could see right to the bottom of the lake.

There was a cool looking single cloud above the mountains.

Then we drove through some golden Autumn foliage to Linderhof castle where we had a quick look around.

Nice little castle and grounds. We didn’t go inside though as we didn’t really have time. We headed off and after a quick stop at a dairy for a yogurt (we couldn’t really buy any cheese unfortunately but it looked so good)

We soon found ourselves on the German Autobahn. We didn’t drive over 130km (which is actually what the speed limit is) but man, so cars sped past us in the fast lane going at about 250+. Pretty crazy, but still everyone is really courteous and driving on Perth roads is actually worse. Also the trucks have to stay in the slow lane. We made it to a small town called Wolfratshausen and decided to stop for lunch. We found a cute little cafe where we had homemade Zucchini cream soup and a coffee. Delish!

A bit more Autobahn driving…

Before arriving in Erding. We had the afternoon and evening to explore the town. And get icecream.

Cute little town.

For dinner we went to a traditional Bavarian restaurant and had schnitzel and zweiblrostbraten. Very friendly owners here.

This holiday is so over!

Well, we’ve made it to the end of the holiday folks. Our last day in Dubai before our flight back to Perth. We got a late check out at the hotel, so we packed up all our stuff and headed off to the Mall of the Emirates to do some shopping. And to have one more look at the Burj Khalifa in daylight.
I think we maybe saw about half of the shopping centre, maybe.






Dubai is pretty darn awesome.

Thanks for following our Europe blog – see you all next trip!

Skiing in a Mall & Hanging out with Penguins

Well, we had to do it. Packed up our ski gear and headed over to mall for a morning of skiing/snowboarding. Blainie decided to go back to skiing after her less than successful attempts at snowboarding earlier in the trip.
So, you pay your money, get changed (we brought our own clothes, but snow clothes were included in the price if you don’t have your own), get your skis/snowboard and off you go.
Once inside the slope, it is minus 3 degrees and the snow was actually quite good and snow like. It was a bit like being at the rollerdrome or an ice rink.









After a successful morning on the slopes, it was time for Blainie to go on the Penguin Encounter. It’s involved going with a small group (6 people) and getting to see and meet a Gentoo penguin and a King Penguin. She even got to touch the King penguin. His name was Jumeriah and he was really soft and cute. Although she drew the line at kissing the penguin – but others did. Unfortunately, no photos were allowed, only “official” photography, so we got to buy the photo at the end. There was also a photo with the Gentoo penguin, but Blainie looked a bit concerned in those pics (worried the penguin was going to have her eye out) so we didn’t get one of those.


Then we though we had better go and check out the “Palm”. Y’know the huge man made island that looks like a palm made on the ocean? Yeah that. We had to do a bit of a hike from the metro to get to the monorail, but we eventually made it. It was kinda cool to see (but the view is better from the plane) but when we got to the end where the Atlantis the Palm hotel is, there wasn’t much to see if you weren’t a hotel guest. So we caught the monorail back and hightailed it back to the Mall of the Emirates where we had a fantastic Lebanese dinner.








Good Morning Sunshine

Got in to Dubai around 6am, Dubai time. 26 degrees, going for a top of 40. Yeah! Caught the Metro to our hotel. Checked in. Enjoyed the hotels buffet breakfast. Went to sleep for several hours.
Got up around 3pm and went to explore the nearby shopping mall “Mall of the Emirates” which conviniently houses a ski slope. We had coffee & sandwiches at the “St Mortitz Cafe”




They have penguins there too. (On the cards for tomorrow – a penguin meet and greet)



This mall, however was just not quite big enough for our sleep deprived selves. And so, we decided to catch the Metro to the “Dubai Mall” – the biggest mall in the world.

They have an Aquarium. And Blainie found a Hello Kitty store.



This mall is right near the Burj Khalifa – the biggest building in the world. We looked at it, it certainly is very big. We didn’t end up going up it due to a combination of fear and lack of time.


There were fountains too. And a strange version of “Walk on the Wild Side” got played during the fountain display. Highest fountains in the world, or something.



As we were franticly trying to find our way out of the mall to get to the train station before the trains stopped running, we came across a Magnolia Bakery. Regular viewers of our blogs might remember an addiction to their Red Velvet cupcakes in New York. Had to stop for some.



Flying into the Sun

Today we packed up, had the worst breakfast of our trip (Travellers tip: Dont stay at the Goldener Schüssel if ever in Bern) and then went out for one last look around Bern. Had some nice coffees though (if a little expensive – good preparation for coming home to Perth)



Then we caught a train to Zürich Airport. We got told off by a man because we were talking on the “Quiet Carriage”. We were being quiet though, but we weren’t sure if by Quiet they meant Quiet or if they meant Silent.


We had Nordsee for dinner at Zürich airport. It was expensive and not really very good.


Then we caught a plane to Dubai.


Out n About in Bern

Today we mostly packed. Trying to fit everything in to our suitcases was fun, but we managed to do it eventually.
We went out for a bit of an explore of the Botanical Gardens and surrounds. Lots of spectacular views. We even saw a guy swimming in the river – we carried downstream by the river anyway.










Shopping in the Bern ‘burbs

Steve was still really sick today. In fact, he spent the whole day in bed. The weather was still rubbish also, so Blainie decided to head off to a suburban shopping centre. Shopping centre’s are pretty similar the world over, and this one was no exception. The only difference was, most of the customers here looked like fashion models. Although,there was the odd Swiss bogan also.


Looked around, bought some stuff, had coffee and chocolate mousse at Migros restaurant. Then headed back to the city. That was pretty much it.