Snow day for skiingj

Shinazawa breakfast photo. Delicious as always.

It was snowing A LOT today. We decided to take our chances on the slopes anyway. Instead of going up the mountain, we decided to go to one of our favourite slopes Karasawa. To get to Karasawa you ski/snowboard along a nice trail. It was pretty slow going along the trail. So much snow made the terrain quite flat – makes snowboarding in particular quite tricky.

Anyway, we eventually made it to Karasawa and exchanged our lift tickets.

Went up the gondola to the top of the slope. Very snowy.

The run was actually really fun, but it was freezing and visibility was low. Needless to say we were looking forward to a nice warm beverage once we got down. We met up at the Resthouse at the bottom of the slope. In the past this has been one of our favourite places to chill. It looked a bit dark from the outside so we were a bit concerned that it wasn’t open yet. On closer inspection, the sign on the door said “Open”, so we were relived and went in.

However….when we got in there, we quickly realised that it wasn’t going to be opening today, or ever. It looked like it had been abandoned. Really weird. Everything was still in there, plates, cups, food signage etc etc but it clearly had not been in operation for a while.

Another family came in and they looked upstairs and saw a similar situation. It was at this point, that we briefly thought we were in some kind of Zombie Apocalypse movie. There was to be no hot (or any) beverages for us. The snow outside was getting heavier and without anywhere to warm up, we decided not to do anymore runs. We headed back to the ski locker (Blainie wearing her ski boots – which are not the easiest things to walk in). We had a quick rest and de-snow at Sparena – was going to get coffees there but their cafe wasn’t open yet, and then continued on. Skis and snowboard successfully dropped off (and ski boots changed out of) we headed to Haus St Anton for cheese toasties and coffee.

Later in the day we went for an Onsen at nearby Shinden No Yu.

Then went for a bit of a walk around the town. A kind man took some photos of us for us.

So much snow.

We stopped in for an Onsen egg snack. Delicious.

Then went back to our hotel because it was crazy cold and snowy. Luckily we had pre booked dinner at our hotel again and yes, once again it was amazing.

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