A city blanketed in snow

Breakfast at Shinazawa Lodge is always spectacular. Besides all this, there is also bread, cereals and all manner of things on offer.

After breakfast it was time to head up the mountain. There has been a lot of snow in the last 24 hours. A lot. And it’s pretty damn cold.

After a run down our favourite slope we had to go inside and warm up with a coffee.

After coffee we went out for a another go. Visibility was low and it was still freezing. But it was fun.

Lunch time. We met Steve’s work friends again too.

Back out in to the snow after lunch.

Then back down the mountain in the gondola.

A well earned Apres ski beer.

Then we dropped our skis and snowboard off at the ski locker and walked back to Shinazawa. It’s a nice walk at this time of the afternoon.

After a brief rest at our hotel, we headed off for an Onsen and then dinner at Shichirohei. It was quite delicious. A little fusion-y, but done well.

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