Maybe the sun will shine today, the clouds will blow away

Our last full day in Rockland and America began with waffles. Waffles that Blainie made herself with the waffle making machine at the breakfast buffet. 

And of course they had to be eaten with syrup and bacon. Disappointingly the syrup was not real Maine maple syrup, just pretend stuff.

After breakfast we explored the shops in Rockland for a bit. There are a lot of art galleries and a cool looking Museum of Modern Art that we didn’t go to.

Then we went to State of Maine Cheese Company to pick up some lunch essentials. Seems everyone in the area had the same idea. We had to fight for our spot in the queue amongst many well-to-do ladies who were buying snacks to “eat on the boat”. Meats and cheeses (finally) acquired, we went eat them at some nearby picnic benches near the water. The cheese curds were the best. The last time we ate cheese curds was in Seattle in 2009. Why oh why can you not buy cheese curds in Australia??

Then we headed off to Mount Battie in nearby Camden. We drove up the mountain and explored a bit. Note: this mountain wasn’t nearly as high or scary as Mount Cadillac that we drove up yesterday. But it was still cool.

Coffees at a nearby coffee roasters. Possibly the best cafe ever. We sat out on the porch on rocking chairs. No one else was there except us.

Then a quick trip further up the road to Lincolnville to check out the Lobster Pound situation. Lovely little town, but we decided against coming back for dinner. Wandered along the pebbly beach a bi.

Note: the seagulls here are MASSIVE. Next up, a trip to the lighthouse in Thomaston.

We were almost out of fuel. Steve tried unsuccessfully to get some out of this pump randomly situated outside a store.

For dinner, well, we just HAD to go back to Claws for our last dinner in Maine. Blainie HAD to get the lobster dinner again and Steve HAD to get the Lobster Mac n Cheese again. So very delicious. Oh and a bottle of Lobster ale for Blainie and a Vacation size cup of wine for Steve.

Dinner views.

Goodbye Claws.

After dinner we thought we would see if we get to quickly see the lighthouse in Rockland. We managed to get there just on sunset. We didn’t actually make it all the way out to the lighthouse because it was a little far, and to be honest a little scary. Yep, it’s pretty ugly around here 😜

And thus ended our last night in the US of A.


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