Airline to (Lobster) Heaven

Packed up and headed off to Atlanta airport this morning. We had a good time in Atlanta, good food, good people and very hot weather. 

Here’s a photo of the upstairs part of our accommodation.

Then, before we knew it we were on a plane bound for Portland, Maine. We had just started to taxi out to the runway, when it was discovered one of the seats on the plane was broken and it was policy that they could not fly with the seat like that. So we had to wait while a technician came and fixed it. Luckily it didn’t take to long, and everyone gave him a cheer and a round of applause when he was done. The flight to Portland was quick and smooth and we had an amazing view of the harbour when we came in to Portland.

By the time we got in and picked up our hire car we were starving hungry. As we were going to be driving up to Rockland (about a 2 hour drive) we decided to get lunch in Portland first. So….what to have for a meal when you are in Maine? Well, Maine lobster of course! A quick search of the Internet and a look through a magazine we picked up in Boston (which had a Maine lobster special article in it) we discovered a place called The Lobster Shack at Two Lights which wasn’t too far away and sounded good. When we got there, the car park was very busy, we managed to snag a spot, before going up the stairs towards the restaurant to see a VERY VERY long line of people waiting to order. We joined the queue, because, well, lobster.

The place was right on the coast, so it was no surprise that it was busy. It actually didn’t take all that long in the end. We ordered a lobster roll each and some fried clams. We sat inside because it was too cold and windy outside! Bit of a change from Atlanta.

The food was so good. Steve had blueberry pie too.

The view from the lobster shack.

Then we drove on to Rockland, which is a small fishing town. It was already early evening by the time we checked in, and most things in the town were already closed. We had a bit of a wander around the place.

By now it was dinner time. Hmmmmm…what to eat for dinner in Rockland, Maine…yep, you guessed it – lobster! We found a great place within walking distance from our accommodation called Claws. Blainie ordered the Lobster dinner featuring a whole lobster, corn and coleslaw. Steve got the Lobster Mac and Cheese. These meals were the best ever. Also the Lobster Ale Blainie had was delicious too.

And thus ends day one of Lobsterpalooza.

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