You’re gonna make me spill my beer

Our first full day in Atlanta, also happened to be the 4th of July. We weren’t really sure what to do with ourselves or if things were going to be crazy busy or open or whatever. We decided to stay local-ish to our accommodation and head out for a wander along The Beltline which is a walking/cycling/running track made from a disused railway line. It goes right past our accommodation and to the Ponce City Market which is where we decided to head to.

It was rather a nice walk, but perhaps a little hot. It is very hot and humid in Atlanta at the moment, and we like the heat!

Saw some cool street art and stuff along the way.

Made it to the markets.

First stop, coffee. We went to Spiller coffee. Their coffee was good. They also had cool baseball cards that they used as your table/order number.

Looked at some shops and bought some things. Ate a chicken sandwich from Hops Chicken.

Then thought it would be a really good idea to keep wandering up the belt line. We saw some more art.

And found some Tiny Doors – which is an art installation around Atlanta. There are about 15 or so tiny doors in various places around town and you have to seek them out. We found two on this walk.

After walking around for about 40 minutes or we realised that we were a bit mad for walking around in the scorching heat, so we headed back to Ponce Street Markets for icecream. 

As it was the 4th of July, the markets were holding a special event in their rooftop to celebrate. We decided to go to it. But as soon as we got up to the roof top the weather chanced and it got windy and started to rain. We managed to have one beer before we had to go back downstairs again.

So we had a drink downstairs whilst waiting for the rain to ease. They have the coolest beer shop at the markets. The Tap has a whole load of beers on tap. Most of which we had never heard of. You choose your beer, and size then they pour it into either a bottle or a growler, put the lid on and there you go. Your very own bottle of beer that you are free to drink at your leisure.

The rain eased eventually, so we headed back up to the rooftop. They have a small carnival set up on the roof, it was pretty cool. 

We got free rides on the slide.

We hung around there until it got dark. Had some drinks and food and made some friends. And played some carnival games. Blainie won the horse race game and Steve won the ring toss game.

Once the sun went down, the fireworks started. Not an actual organised fireworks show, they don’t need to worry about that here. Just random fireworks being set off by random people all over the city.

After all the excitement, we walked back home to our accomodation and went to sleep.

Oh and we found another tiny door!

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