One Night in Hong Kong

So we stopped  over for one night in Hong Kong. We got in quite late the previous night, so just checked in to our hotel near the airport and went to sleep. Today we had a midday check out and our flight left around 3pm, so we had the morning to enjoy. 

We had a buffet breakfast at the hotel. It was pretty good, but man it was so noisy and busy in there. Everyone scrambling for the food! Blainie enjoyed the crispy bacon the best.

We went for a wander to the nearby adjoins shopping mall, but none of the shops were open yet. We decided we didn’t want or need any of the items in any of the stores (which were mainly expensive hand bags) anyway, and headed back to the hotel for a swim. The pool was nice, but it was a bit cold.

And then we were off to the airport again. When we went to check in we were informed that the flight was over booked and there was no space for us. Our option was to catch a flight later that night (around 10pm) to Melbourne! Then on to Perth the next morning. There was no way we were going to do that! We got put on a standby list and given some vouchers to use at Starbucks (worst coffee ever) – and luckily in the end they fit us on to the flight. By that stage we were running late so we had to be escorted through the airport at brisk walking speed by staff. Bit of a bummer really, cos we had planned to just chill at the airport before our flight, have some lunch and look at some shops. But, we got on the flight and made it home tired but happy. 

And here’s our new tanuki together with our old tanuki.


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