I’m on a (Swan) Boat! 

Today we got up really early because we were planning to catch the bus to go see the Shibazakura Moss Phlox. Yes. Lots of (mostly) pink flowers that cover an entire park with Mt Fuji as the background. We know how much the Japanese and the visitors to Japan love a good flower festival, so we were all prepared for it to be crrraaaazzzy busy. So we decided to get up early and catch the first bus to the festival. When we we made it to the bus stop however, we were informed that the flowers were only 30% in bloom, so it wouldn’t be as awesome as we’d hoped and as such, it w pretty quiet on the bus. It was quite a scenic bus trip though. Here is what it is meant to look like –

Here is what it looked like in reality.

Mount Fuji is there somewhere. It was quite cold and windy there too, but there is always time for cake.

After a bit more of a wander around and some steamed buns and a grilled fish, we high tailed it out of there. Back on to a bus to the station to transfer to another bus to take us to another of the Fuji 5 Lakes – Yamanakako. We were headed there with one mission in mind – to ride the giant swan boat. But as our bus rounded a corner and the swan boat became visible in the distance, panic set in. What if it’s not operating today? What if it’s booked out? What if they just don’t like the the look of us and won’t let us on? Luckily, none of those thought ps became reality, and before we knew it we were cruising the lake on a giant swan boat. Dream achieved. 

Mount Fuji even emerged from behind the clouds part way in to the cruise. It was a Swan Lake miracle. 

After that, it was way past our lunch time, but food options were slim, so we got back on a bus, but got out at Fuji San station where Mos Burger saved our life.

Then we headed for Fujiyama onsen. We checked out Fuji Q Highland theme park from behind the fence. Their rollercoaster is huuuuuuge!

Then, best onsen ever.


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