Get Out Of the City!

We left Tokyo this morning bound for Kawaguchiko. One of the five lakes near the base of Mt Fuji. It was a lovely clear day, which bode well for our chances of seeing the elusive mountain. About half way in to our second train trip we spotted Mt Fuji from the train. As every one got up to take photos, we thought that the train might tip over from the weight of everyone on one side 🙂 

We made it to Kawaguchiko, and Mt Fuji was just there. Checked in to our accomodation – here’s the view from our window.

And our accomodation is awesome. Our room is super cool. It’s like a tiny house.

We were starving so we went and had lunch at a local place up the street. It was really good.

Then we headed to the lake and went up a mountain on a ropeway.

The view was spectacular.

Then we caught a bus to the other side of the lake where the views were even more spectacular.

Then we got some snacks and headed back to our accomdation for a drink.

Then Blainie hung out in the cubby house alcove like a weirdo.


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